To enhance the quality of health and life of the homebound community by the delivery of hot nutritional meals and the visits of the volunteer drivers.

One Thing

Homebound Meals is a charity that is 100% locally supported by our community. Monday thru Friday we deliver hot, medically balanced meals to those who are elder, disabled or in some medical/physical distress and cannot prepare what they need. We offer over 20 medical diets.

Founded in 1971 as a Fort Wayne only charity we do not receive and government funds. We have this one and only program and thus 100% of every donation goes directly towards this end. All of these deliveries are made by (100) volunteer drivers, at the noon hour, Monday through Friday– up to 40,000 per year. Drivers deliver not only a hot meal but contact with the outside world which is often just as important. Further it offers the loved ones of our client’s, assurance that someone will have eyes on them at least once a day.

We operate with 3-4 part-time staff in the basement of donated space. We are an organization that delivers hot medical meals without age or financial restrictions. If clients cannot afford to pay for the minimal cost of meals, we raise money to help them. We are only restricted by the how many drivers and routes we have in place.

Wish Lists

We are always looking for more drivers (then more routes!), postage, copy paper, food coolers and financial contributions.


Homebound Meals leadership made a conscientious decision to suspend the Grant program until 2016-2017. This was done as foundational modernization was long overdue. The procedures were updated – including but not limited to computerization, web presence, service hours and the delivery process.   The completion of this successfully positions our organization to handle the increased needs of our clients, their families and our community on a going forward basis by providing quicker response, additional medical diets and more efficient routing.


                             2014        2015

Assets                 489,877    446,677
Liabilities               13,332      12,056
Equity                  476,545    434,621

Temporarily restricted    0        0



Meal Income                        $135,126.00
Grant Income                         $18,700.00
Donation Income                      $5,317.97
Investment Income        
Dividends                               $18,065.95
Interest                                          $10.39
Fees                                        -$3,962.40
Total Investment                     $14,113.94
Total Revenue/Support         $173,257.91
Meal Expenses                      $116,786.20
Operating Expenses                $76,378.25
Fund Raising Expenses             $1,231.88
Subsidy Expenses                    $20,785.90
Total Expenses                       $215,182.23
Net Assets at Year End           $446,676.79


Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Looking Forward

Homebound is committed to remaining a single program organization that represents the truest definition of a “local charity”. Through our partnerships, funders and most importantly our volunteers, we will continue to assist as many in our community as resources allow.

With this singular vision we will serve some of the over 10,000 people who turn 65 Everyday! We will assist lower functioning adults and Elders to remain in their homes longer and enjoy a higher quality of life. We will do this as the best stewards of the funding donors and sponsors trust us with to perform these duties.