To enhance the quality of health and life of the homebound community by the delivery of hot nutritional meals and the visits of the volunteer drivers.

One Thing

Homebound Meals is a charity that is 100% locally supported by the community.  Monday through Friday we deliver hot medically tailored meals to those who are elder, disabled or in some medical/physical distress and cannot prepare what they need.  We currently offer over 30 medical diets.

Founded in 1971 as a Fort Wayne area only charity we do not receive any government funds.  We have this one and only program and thus 100% of every donation goes directly towards this end.  All deliveries are made by 110+ volunteer drivers, at the noon hour – up to 40,000 per year.  Drivers deliver not only a hot meal but contact with the outside world which is equally as important.  Often our drivers are the only outside person a client will see that day.  Further it offers the client’s family assurance that someone will have eyes on them at least once that day.

We operate with 5 part-time staff in the basement of a donated space.  Our ability to deliver is restricted by the number of routes we have drivers for and if there is space on those routes.  Currently we operate 16 routes and are always looking for more drivers to add more routes.  We do not have age or financial restrictions.  If clients cannot afford the minimal cost, we raise money to offset the difference.

Wish Lists

Homebound Meals is always looking for more drivers.  Generally, a volunteer drives one day per week and it takes about 90 minutes.  We are always welcoming postage, copy paper, 50-quart Coleman Xtreme 5 coolers on wheels, silent auction donations for our fundraiser in May and financial consideration.



Homebound has completed the second year of our annual fundraiser with great success.  In addition, we were awarded two special one-time grants that totaled just under $52,000.00.  These both contributed to the stabilization of investment funds after earlier market down-turns and allowed Homebound Meals to invest in some much-needed computer equipment, software and supplies for our volunteer drivers.

2017-2018 Fiscal Year
Meal Income $172,874.75
Grant Income $87,780.00
Fundraiser $15,160.10
Donation Income $43,893.59
Investment Income
Dividends $15,980.30
Interest $7,685.60
        Investment Total $23,665.90
Revenue/Support $343,374.33
Meal Expenses $140,467.83
Operating Expenses $97,791.79
Fundraising Expenses $4,925.02
Subsidy Expenses $14,515.89
Net Assets at
Year End



2017-2018 Board of Directors

(Alphabetical Order)


Brandon Almas Esq.

Pamela Barrett

Rachel Bobilya

Sandy Bonahoom

Brad Campbell
Treasurer – Finance

Anne Cavanaugh

Scott Howard

Ronald Lawson

Peg Maginn
President – Finance

Ron Marker
Vice President -Program

David McDonald

Kris Rajchel

Curtis Sylvester

Looking Forward

Homebound has collaborated with a local health care facility to address nutrition with their most critical home care clients.  The objective is to reduce early re-admissions by the chronically ill through the Food is Medicine ideology.  One out of every 3 seniors who enter the hospital is malnourished.  Medically tailored home delivered hot meals are a major player in eliminating this concern.

We have added routes in both New Haven and the Dupont Road area with 3 more slated for the coming year.  As the baby-boomers continue into retirement, this need will continue to grow.

Homebound is committed to remaining a single program organization the represents the truest definition of a “local charity”.  Through our partnerships, funders and most importantly our volunteers, we will continue to assist as many in our community as resources allow.